Entertainment for All Audiences

At Anannke Entertainment, our goal is to infuse the audiences with engaging, quality and culturally relevant content for all ages around the world. Our primary initiative is to support established and emerging independent television and filmmakers with the proper investment and support to initiate or complete a project. Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, television shows and docu-series, and children’s programming. Special grants are offered to for women directors and producers and for other projects that focus on community empowerment, social justice, and multicultural themes.

Film Studios

Our vision is to build film studios worldwide for established and emerging international film and television content developers, with a unique filming location to include state-of-the-art sound stages; exclusive remote filming locations; on site post-production services; and a special events area for screenings and industry events while offering competitive tax rebates and other incentives.  

Studios will be located in prominent and unique cities across the globe with close access to lodging, airports and other transportation services.  Studio lots will include a visual effects and sound/ music production studio, and other post- production services will be available on campus. Most studios will also contain a special events area to include film screening theatres, a courtyard to host film festivals and other entertainment special events.  In addition, and in partnership with the local film commissions and office of tourism, we will offer remote filming location services providing unique backdrops and environments outside the studio campus. Studio lots will be located on cities and countries that offer competitive filming tax-credits and other production incentives.