Giving Back

Commitment to Community

Anannke Entertainment (AE) commitment to community empowerment is our driving force.  AE philanthropic arm provides support to a variety of domestic and international nonprofit organizations through the Saba Charitable Foundation.

The Saba Charitable Foundation is a nonprofit grant-gifting organization, whose mission is to provide financial support for social programs in the areas of Healthcare; Mental Health & Well-being;  Women’s Empowerment; Education; Human Services; Veteran Affairs; Senior Programs, Youth Arts, Music and Sports; and Disaster Relief/ Emergency Aid.  Support is provided to organizations worldwide.

In addition to our supporting community partners, one of AE’s goals is to support talented and emerging producers or artists from diverse backgrounds with high quality content that may not get the attention or support needed to make in impact in the industry.  AE grants special funding awards periodically to musicians and film makers with compelling projects that have a social impact through the Saba Charitable Foundation.  Special awards are also available for women directors and producers for projects in music, TV/Film that focus on community empowerment, social justice, and multicultural themes.

Past and current nonprofits include:

The Nabha Foundation
Gibson Gives
Airpower Foundation