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At AEG, we strive to make every project completed with inspiration, excellence and precision.

Anannke Entertainment supports Television, Film Projects and Industry festivals and conferences. Our primary initiative is to support established and emerging independent filmmakers around the world through infusing them with the proper investment to initiate or complete a project.

Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, Television and Docu-Series, and new media of all genres. Special grants are available for women directors and producers and for projects that focus on community empowerment, social justice, and multicultural themes.

TV Studio

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Recording Studio

“Music Fills the Soul.” Anannke Entertainment was established to invest in a variety of music projects, festivals, conferences and other special events in the industry.

New and emerging artist projects representing all genres of music from across the globe are welcome to submit as are sync projects.

Music projects related to charity initiatives are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal.

Film Producer
Music Studio
Music Production
Live Music Events

Our Studios

Anannke Entertainment Group’s vision is to invest in, partner with or develop state of the art studios and work space for both film, television, and music production around the globe that offers attractive tax and film incentives.

Film Studios:

Sound Stages
Control Rooms
Dressing Rooms
Craft Service Areas

Music Studios:

Production Rooms
Rehearsal Space
Sound Stage
Office Space

Close proximity to airports, major transits and lodging

Let’s Start a Project

Television, Film and Music investment projects are considered year-round. Submissions are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis. Application process:

  1. A letter of Inquiry (PDF) outlining the Project and amount of funding requested (3 page Max). You may email or fill out the form below.
  2. After review, we will notify you within 30 days. If invited to continue the application process, you will be required to submit:
    • A script, sizzle reel, movie or trailer or episode
    • For music – sample music links
    • Proposed budget and funding request
    • Sample timeline

We will also notify you if there are any additional grant opportunities for the project.

Our Team

A few of the faces you will be working with!

Elvia Barboa


Malini Saba


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